EC&I 832, Major Project

Photosharing and Digital Citizenship

This is my second post this week regarding my major project.  We were asked to reflect on how our projects relate to one or more of the nine elements of digital citizenship.  My first post was about reflecting on where I was at in the process, of figuring out my direction and trying to answer the questions I had asked of myself when beginning my project.  This post is about reflecting on the past week’s question.

As I spoke of in my previous post, I am concentrating on photosharing apps and examining them from both a digital citizenship and a media or information literacy perspective.  When I look at Ribble’s Nine Elements, I can see my project relating to several of these.  In particular, I think the following elements will be especially relevant:

Digital Communication: Today’s digital communication options allow us the opportunity to keep in 

constant communication and collaborate with anyone at any time and in any location.  According to the Digital Citizenship Website, however, many users haven’t been taught how to make appropriate decisions when faced with so many options in the method and means in which they communicate with one another. I plan to look at the literacy skills needed to communicate skillfully using photosharing apps as well as whether these apps can be used in ways to help students communicate in a positive way online.

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Digital Etiquette:  Often, apps like Snapchat and Instagram are banned in classrooms because there is fear that there may not be rules or regulations that can govern their appropriate use. What about when students are not at school?  I think these types of photosharing/social media applications may allow us a platform to teach students digital etiquette – at least that is what I am trying to find out. Do they have educational value in this regard?

Digital Literacy: How students learn and comprehend in a digital society is important. I feel they are being called upon to access different literacy skills to make meaning of information – pictures, captions, open floodgates of facts and information… My project is examining if photosharing apps and communicating in a world of pictures and captions requires us to infer and make meaning in different ways.  Should educators be considering how they are approaching digital literacy skills?

As I was reading articles and watching videos about digital citizenship, I found many other connections to my project in addition to these three areas.  As I go further into my research and practice with these apps, I am sure I will continue to develop more and more connections to the elements digital citizenship.


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