EC&I 832

Well, that about sums it up!

Welcome to my summary of learning for EC&I 832.  Truthfully, my summary could have gone on for hours with everything we covered this term, so I decided to focus on what I call the two “big rocks” of the course, Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy.

While we learned about these topics in a very collaborative way – blog posts, social media, interacting with each other through Google+ – I chose to focus on the content we learned, rather than the methods we used to learn it.

In looking at those two big topics and my learning throughout the term, I thought we answered three questions for each that were rather similar to each other, yet the answers and exploration of the topics were very different.  For digital citizenship, the three questions I focused on are: What does it mean to be a digital citizen? How do we approach digital identity? and What role do schools play in teaching digital citizenship?  For media literacy, the questions are: What does it mean to be media literate? How do we approach new literacy challenges in a digital, Fake News world? and What role do schools play in teaching media /digital  literacy?

In my summary, you will notice that I always try to come back to students and how this learning can and should be addressed in schools.  That is how we discussed these topics for the most part and what the focus of my learning has been during the course.  Right now, I am not in a position to take this back to a particular classroom of students, but I am in a position to share my learning with a group of catalyst teachers who will then, perhaps, share it out to several classrooms of students.  I am excited to look for opportunities to put this learning into action.

Thank you for being on this learning journey with me and for sharing in my reflections.


2 thoughts on “Well, that about sums it up!”

  1. Awesome video Regan, you just nailed it, I enjoyed a lot watching your summary of learning and thank you for sharing such a creative piece of work. It was great working with you and collaborating with everyone this semester made this journey memorable. Thanks again and I look forward working with you again.


    1. Thank you, Sapna! I will say the same to you. It was so great to have another class together. You have had such great posts and fantastic articles to share on Twitter! It has been a pleasure.


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